INTERVIEW with Artist - Christine Flynn


With my first group show in Toronto at Parts Gallery in full swing, I thought it would be great to introduce you to, over the next few weeks, to a couple of artist whom I'm exhibiting with and whose art I love and adore!

Today's interview is with artist Christine Flynn. Her stunningly beautiful mixed media photographic artworks are breathtaking to say the least! I'm not only lucky enough to exhibit alongside her but to call her a close friend and confidant.



Tell us in your words, how you'd describe the art you create?

I create mixed media photography-based pieces inspired by nature and fuelled by wanderlust. My art captures the rugged beauty of the outdoors, everything from the raw expanses of northern Iceland and bison in the majestic snow, to the sandy beaches of Malibu and the palm-spotted desert vistas of Palm Springs. I try and capture beauty in the ordinary, and then enhance it with bold graphic, number, or colour elements that elevate a piece from pretty, to visually arresting.


Your art has a calming aesthetic, and fits seamlessly into beautifully curated interiors. Has your interior styling eye and own interior aesthetic been an influence in the art you create?

Definitely. I think every artist is influenced by their own personal style and perspective on the world. For me that means nature in my artwork and natural materials in my interiors; an eclectic mix of old and new; beauty, always tempered with a bit of rough luxe.

What influences you?

Definitely nature and being outdoors. There’s something so inspiring about vast expanses and rugged landscapes, and you can’t beat the beauty of natural light. I’m also influenced and energized by places (California and NYC top the list) as well as other artists, photographers, interior designers, graphic designers, even florists - anyone expressing a creative point of view.


You have a passion for wanderlust! How do you decide where you're next location will be, what's on your hit list!

I travelled to Iceland earlier this year to shoot a series (part of the Fall exhibition at Boston’s Gold Gallery) and I’ve never seen landscapes more vast, more rugged, or more breathtaking. I’m dying to go back and shoot a winter follow up. I’m also heading to South Africa over the holidays with my family. I pick spots based on inspiration and I’m never sure what will pop up next.



What's been a most memorable place to photograph and visit?

Iceland was incredible. I still daydream about the rolling hills, the wildlife, and the stunning Scandi design. I’ve been back for almost five months and you’ll still see shots of Iceland pop up regularly on my Instagram feed. I can’t seem to say goodbye.


What do you hope viewers take away from your artwork?

I hope people are inspired and moved. I hope they feel a sense of freedom and their own wanderlust when they look at my pieces. I hope the art speaks to them on a deeper level and they feel nostalgia for something they can’t quite put their finger on, but that feels like home.


 Where do you feel most inspired?

California has always had a special place in my heart thanks to its killer combination of ocean, beach, and surf culture, with a thriving architecture and design scene in L.A. I also love New York – it’s a place that leaves me feeling inspired and energized.


Where has your art been exhibited?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be welcomed by the international art community over the last several years. My work has been exhibited in 10 cities, in 8 countries, on 3 continents; Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Miami to name a few.



Christine's latest series, shot in Iceland, is currently being exhibited at Parts Gallery (Toronto) and Gold Gallery (Boston). To view all her exquisite artworks visit

Enjoy your art!
Anna xo



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