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Playing magpie is part of the job for Anna Church, a “sculptographer” and interior stylist based in Toronto. After scavenging for items, she repurposes them in striking ways, transforming the old, forgotten and strange into large, playful sculptures: a heart fashioned out of 19th-century plasterwork mouldings, a military-style insignia shaped out of silverware, a map of New Zealand made entirely of Crown Lynn pieces. Then she photographs them and sells them as limited edition prints, to galleries and collectors around the world. (2016)

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– INSIDE OUT Magazine –


Life is pretty close to idyllic for stylist and artist Anna Church. Firstly because home is Waiheke Island, a white-sand-fringed paradise dotted with wineries only a short boat ride from Auckland. Here, this mother of two lives in a gorgeous cottage with her husband Nick Dalton, her children Molly and Thomas, and Dougal, the beagle. Then there's her work. which is a whirl of styled shoots for fashion types like Trelise Cooper, textile company Linens & More and Auckland's homewears house Citta Design. "I get to make a living from my talent for arranging objects" she says, "How cool is that?"

And Finally, there's her creative outlet. Anna's limited edition art prints have struck a chord with an audience that appreciates her sense of humour and nod to nostalgia. 
We chatted to Anna about her oasis and the secrets behind her style. (2012)


– NZ homestyle magazine –


Thousands of miles from her Waiheke Home, artist Anna Church has set up a new hub of creativity in the busting metropolis of Toronto. (2015)


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Anna, Nick, Molly and Thomas moved to Canada from their native New Zealand three years ago. In that time they have lived in three different places including the lovely rental home that Covet Garden is touring in this latest issue. They have since bought and moved into another house in the neighbouring district but we couldn't have passed up the opportunity to show you how even a temporary habitat can feel well loved and lived in. (2015)


– Uppercase MAGAZINE –


Emblems, Crests - they are all around us, representing nations, provinces, families and individuals. They speak of union, a coming together, a visual montage of the ties that bind. (2013)

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