Fine art prints of limited edition

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Creating art is my profession and beautiful interiors are a passion. These two elements come together in the way I develop my scultography medium. The artwork I create often reflects nostalgic themes and raises interpretive questions to arouse your curiosity. I was born in New Zealand, my home is in Toronto. I'm proud to have my art collected, exhibited and represented internationally.


What is Sculptography

My art is a multi-step, multi-disciplinary process; I combine three dimensional sculpture with fine art photography. I create compositions using found objects. As a sculptor, I meticulously arrange everyday objects to take a new form or idea. Some series’ focus on a bittersweet nostalgia, with others I try to discuss social commentary; each is unique. I then capture the sculptures through the lens of the camera, producing an image that teases and tricks the eye. Nothing is at it first appears and different viewings will reveal the component parts of the new sculptural form, or a multi-layered symbolism.

about anna

I am a collector and curator, a composer and creator. My creative pursuits and inspirations all flow into my sculptographical fine artwork which is often conceptual but always created with aesthetics in mind. I am also passionate about the various ways beauty and style touches everyday life, including interior design. No surprise, given my background as a freelance interior stylist and graphic designer; jobs that allowed me to explore and invent my unique sculptography style. My artistic career was firmly established in 2012, when I moved from New Zealand to Canada, joining the inspiring Toronto art scene. I’m proud to be sought out by private collectors and commissioned for commercial and editorial campaigns, and represented by a host of international galleries where you can purchase my work.