Earth Day Wrap Up


Earth Day is one of my favourite days of the year (unsurprising for this Interior Environmentalist!) And given that the good weather has finally arrived in Toronto and it’s only the start of outdoor time, green things and being in nature, I thought I’d look back at the best celebrations, images and resolutions from Earth Day 2018.

Maybe the first thing you saw on Earth Day was this year’s Google Doodle, featuring Dr. Jane Goodall. 

Goodall’s conservation mission has been a part of her admirable life for decades. If you’re as fascinated by her work as much as my kids and I are, you may want to check out the recent documentary about her life.



Speaking of conservation efforts, very proud to see an initiative like this in my own backyard. Earth Day was the focus of ‘The Last Straw’, a crusade against plastic pollution. On Sunday, 149 bars and restaurants banned the use of straws in their restaurants, knowing they are unnecessary and contribute to dangerous waste in the oceans that is extremely harmful to sea life. The plan & hope is that ‘The Last Straw’ catches on and more restaurants adopt these practices on an ongoing basis.

This important theme has been rendered into stunning artwork by a favourite artist, Thirza Schaap. She fights plastic pollution by removing trash from oceans and turning it into beautiful compositions that you’d be hard pressed to recognize as waste! Both her actions and her message are obviously especially poignant on Earth Day.


Across town in the West End of Toronto, boutique hotel The Gladstone hosted their annual Earth Day exhibit, Grow Op 2018. Like Schaap’s work, this exhibit is about reclaimed materials and eco friendly themes. The work this year was as inspiring as always:

Back in the East End, Downsview Park continued their tradition of a full packed day of activities; from seed ball making to litter clean up, to family walks, arts and crafts with natural products and much more! Especially with such a gorgeous, sunny Sunday,

  Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

If you didn’t join an activity on Sunday, you can still celebrate Earth Day, everyday, with some of these Interior Environmentalist mantras:

  • Decorate with plants. Increase the oxygen in your home by sharing the space with some green
  • Ditch the car. From cycling as we do in our family, to rideshare options or public transit, every car, every trip off the roads will improve our shared air quality
  • Upcycle. Don’t buy new when there are so many gorgeous items available to be recycled or repurposed. As we head into a home renovation, I’ll be pointing out where we’ve done so.

I hope you had a great Sunday for Earth Day, but more importantly, I hope Earth Day and green values are part of your whole week, month and year!

Anna ox