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My passion for bringing the outside in is well documented. I fancy myself an Interior Environmentalist. From up-cycling interior design to decorating with plants, my home and my artwork have recurring green themes.

Pictured above, our Toronto home; Living-room, bedroom, Studio.

Artwork - 'The Botanist' and me.

Artwork - 'The Botanist' and me.

A recent study proved that living an Interior Environmentalist lifestyle is not just about aesthetic choices or a vague ‘good for your soul’ platitude. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham Women’s Hospital did an eight year study connecting vegetation with life expectancy.

Their research concluded that the women who lived in the greenest surroundings had mortality rates 12% less than their contemporaries living un-plant-iful lifestyles! Whether that was a plant-less home or area. And not only did the plant-based ladies have longer life expectancy but the results showed that they had better mental health as well.

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Some of those benefits included less chance they would be affected by depression, greater physical activity, reduced air pollution exposure and increased chanced of socializing. And this data doesn’t come from a few women; over 100, 000 women submitted information between 2008.  and 2008

So. If that doesn’t reaffirm your need for a ficus, then maybe this will: find my Interior Environmentalist mood board here, with lots of inspiration for living artfully with plants. Harvard may not have published that in their study, but surely good design is a great knock on effect too! 

See you in a month!

ox Anna