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If you dress from head to toe, would it be fair to say I love conceptualizing design from the toes on up? Some of the most impactful and colourful design choices are under your feet. From rugs to tiles, your floor is a great way to pull a room together or even inject some worldliness or playfulness (pick your inspiration!).

Over the years I’ve collected inspiration but the latest reminder of my floor obsession came from Architectural Digest’s focus on flooring. Some of their unique examples include vintage rugs adding some texture and colour to a monochromatic interior.

Below are my personal picks found via Pinterest.

If we’re talking vintage rugs, here’s a few of my favourite's which add a bit of red brick coloured warmth underfoot.

The rug weaving traditions are embedded into cultures around the world. The examples above come from Anatolia, Turkey and a vintage Dutch example. Perhaps you recognize the popular black and white rugs that stem from the Boucherouite traditions in Morocco?

Or, a colourful injection may be what your room needs. From modern interpretations, (hi, Anthropologie!) or the colourful version of my Moroccan fave or vintage examples, the sky is the limit when it comes to… well, the opposite of the sky; the floor. 

Below are a few links of where to go to source inspiration and a beautiful rug for your home:

Urban Outfitters
Pop & Scott
ABC Carpet
Green body green home

Have fun with your floors!
Anna xo

All imagery sourced via my Pinterest inspo board.

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