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Today’s blog post is devoted to an extremely talented fellow photographer whose work it’s been a pleasure to follow. Alma Haser is the German-born, London-residing artist whose portraiture transcends standard depictions of what portraiture can be.

Alma brings a keen photographic eye and such exciting composition to any images she captures, as you can see from her occasional projects and Instagram account:

Image credits: Alma Haser Instagram

But it is her commercial engagements and personal artworks where Alma continues to redefine portraiture, often using three-dimensionality and small origami-esque sculpture (which you can imagine is near to this Sculptographer’s heart!) to create new versions of faces.

The following images were featured in Port Magazine to highlight long time Hermès Artistic Director’s favourite menswear pieces. Alma Haser transforms the fashion photographs into artwork. 

For her own work, Alma has been “Shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012 for her piece 'The Ventriloquist', a portrait of two childhood friends, Alma has gone on to win third place at the 2012 Foto8 Summer Show and then the Magenta Foundation's Bright Spark Award in 2013 for her 'Cosmic Surgery; series”.

Cosmic Surgery is an inventive, multi-dimensional collection of works featuring different subjects with their faces projected in geometric shapes. After exhibiting her work in locations as far flung as Amsterdam and LA, Alma successfully created a kickstarter to develop a photo book of the work, developed an app to allow you to upload a selfie and create your own cosmic surgery, held workshops to create your own 3D cosmic origami etc. A incredibly creative project from a fabulous working artist. Her book was listed as one of 2016’s best.


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