Talk'n Life & Business with Design Sponge

I chat life and Business with Sabrina from DESIGN SPONGE today. Sharing how I funded my dreams, the challenges of being a full time Mum and artist, and the wonderfully difficult game of defining what I do!


"I first discovered New Zealand-born sculptographer Anna Church on Instagram where her attention-grabbing photographs caught my eye while browsing my explore feed. Totally unique, her arrangement approach to fine art not only creates beautiful pieces, but speaks to her passion for the environment by transforming garbage and forgotten items into art, giving a new meaning to the word recycling. Using whatever she can get her hands on — be it forgotten plasterwork moldings or a Victorian sconce — she elevates found pieces into something extraordinary.
And just as her work tells a story and invites you in to experience the meaning for yourself, today we’re inviting her aboard to chat more about her career path." - Sabrina, Design Sponge.

You can read the full article here.

Anna xo