Faux Greenery!

Being an Interior Environmentalist means many things, including decorating your home with living things. But it’s also about the values of mixing the old and new, recycled with design and applying creativity within your own four walls. While many of us think botany is beautiful, not all of us have a green thumb!

There are many tips and tricks for achieving that nature feeling year round, on a dime or in imaginative and inspired ways, without committing to the care of an indoor greenhouse. So today’s post is about tips to infuse your space with the appearance of greenery. Here are a few of my favourite suggestions:

First off, wallpaper. A graphic wall or incorporating a print makes a significant design statement and the possibilities are truly endless. Here are a few of my favourites.

Sian Zeng has numerous foliage-inspired wallpapers; and this dino-centric theme would be great for a kid’s bedroom.

These wallpapers use classical themes in very modern ways. Blogger extraordinaire Justina at The Jungalow adds plant themed aesthetics and pops of pink to set off the green hues and infuse a nature theme in the homes she designs. 

Why not go botanical underfoot. Anthropologie has a beautiful array of stunning rugs with a botanical theme. 

And just for kicks, who doesn't love a good old neon plant adorning their home, maintenance free gardening at its best!