The Botanist takes on Manhattan

Affordable Art Fair NYC believes the artwork on our walls should be an extension of ourselves and I totally agree, don't you?

I am an enthusiast when it comes to introducing individuality into a home and the art we choose to surround ourselves with – it’s almost a mantra for me! 
My home is an extension and reflection of my family, my personality and style. I see it almost as a vessel to carry memories and things of importance to us.
It's been an amazing opportunity for my 'Botanist' to be chosen to front the Affordable Art Fair New York spring campaign, I really am pinching myself! Here's a wee Glimpse behind the scenes of the collaboration.
"Our idea took shape with the zebra sculptographic artwork entitled 'The Botanist', courtesy of artist
Anna Church
, and Colab Collective (Toronto, Canada).

The Botanist' set our creativity on fire and thus, our campaign was born."
Anna Dalton ChurchComment