Interview - Artist, Anna Valdez


Today I bring you another Parts Gallery co-exhibitor, the fabulous art of Anna Valdez and her vibrant botanical paintings. They'll leave you feeling as if you've stepped into a botanical stratosphere!

In almost every piece you incorporate greenery. A houseplant, hanging plant, a potted plant. As a passionate interior environmentalist, I love that your art embodies lots of greenery and plants. The vibrant vignettes you create and choose as your subjects are like great scenic views and give the viewer a sense of escapism. How do you go about choosing and creating your subject matter?

The subjects in my paintings are from my immediate surroundings. Typically I either create an installation with fabrics, plants, drawings and other studio artifacts to construct a personal narrative or I will find these moments in my environment and paint from them.
Anna Valdez in her studio.

Anna Valdez in her studio.


Describe your studio and the way in which you work?

I would describe my studio as a space in between a greenhouse and a maker’s space. It houses a variety of plants, paint materials, vessels, books and random everyday items from my life. I mostly work from observation and create a still life then paint from that arrangement. Typically I will have between 5 -10 paintings going at once.

You've just returned from a month long artist residency, where was this and what were your biggest take outs from that experience? 

My artist residency was through Northwestern Oklahoma State University in the city of Alva. The University is located in a small rural town near the Kansas / Oklahoma border. A large part of the residency was to interact with students and the local community. The interaction provided through this space allowed me to think of my paintings through a new perspective. I also enjoyed devoting a full month to my work.

Where have you exhibited, and where can we expect to see you exhibiting next?

I have an upcoming solo show at the Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery in San Francisco in June of 2017. 

What's your experience of being a young emerging artist? Do you feel your age is a contributing factor to your experience? What are some future goals you have?

We move through different phases of our lives and that is reflected in our development as artists. I am continuously seeking discovery through painting and thus wish to continue my growth as a painter. My goals are to continue to focus on my painting and personal growth.

If you could have a dinner party with fellow artists, who might be sitting around the table?

Anyone interested in painting and discovery are people I would be happy to break bread with.

From myself and all interior environmentalists, we give a huge heartfelt thanks to Anna Valdez for allowing us inside her artistic process and greenhouse studio sanctuary!
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