Architectural Digest’s Design Trends, downunder


It’s not just my Antipodean roots that lead me to rave up Architectural Digest’s recent article about new design trends emerging from Australia. Several of these tips really resonated with the stylist, artist and Interior Environmentalist in me.

AD talks about green rooms, and it inspired me to create a mood board of different ways greenery can be pulled into a room. While they highlighted paint, I’ve pulled inspiration from furniture, rugs, wallpaper, art and shelving, all of which enhance indoor plants or create the illusion of more greenery than is really present. 

A little research reveals that green rooms signal, or create feelings of health and tranquility. The selection of which shade of green you might choose dives even deeper into creating a mood in your room. Darker forest or mossy greens feel elegant while brighter shades of green feel fresher. If you’re going to decorate with green, here’s a few details to keep in mind. The colour will really sing against a crisp white background and would probably work better in living spaces than bedrooms or kitchens. The Germanic roots of the word mean ‘to grow’. 

Pictured above - How I've introduced green accents into our home.

Imagery sourced via my Pinterest December mood board, where you can find links to their original source.

Enjoy living with green too!
Anna xo

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