We've traveled back to our homeland, New Zealand to catch up with family, friends and get a good dose of sunshine (unfortunately the sun hasn't emerged on any scale as yet) BUT who cares when your surrounded by people that you love and care for!

We've certainly submerged ourselves in some classic cliché NZ culture. Nick (my husband) shaw some sheep down on the brother in law's farm as the kids and I watched on in amazement and awe! Lamb & seafood have been the staple diet (cooked on the BBQ of course) as well as a good dose of fun and laughter to round it all off.

And now we experience the ongoing kiwi hospitality of NZ life and style. Enjoying the relaxed beach abode of my very clever friend Kate (founder and creator of Dumbo Feather Magazine back in the day). We are making ourselves at home in her family beach house on Waiheke Island.

This space is like no other, oozing creative charm, its always been a place I love hanging in and am always inspired in. And because of the creative energy it holds within its walls, I just had to share a few details of THIS FAVORITE PLACE of mine, and inspire you along with me!

I also have to mention that I feel very blessed when I see my ART along with fellow artist friends, Penny Stotter and Emma Wright's art being enjoyed in the homes of our friends  - T'is the hugest of compliments! 

Wishing you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

A xo

ART WORK By  Anna Church

ART WORK By Anna Church

ART WORK by  Penny Stotter

ART WORK by Penny Stotter

ART WORK by  Emma Wright

ART WORK by Emma Wright

ART WORK By  Anna Church

ART WORK By Anna Church