An appetite for decoration...

Let me introduce you to my latest series - 'Impermanence

With a zebra as my muse and Iris Apfel’s necklace originative creations, sense of self and style as my inspiration, I probe the nature of our existence and its constant state of flux. 

Like an act of disappearance - everything has its time. Species, fashion, icons - nothing lasts forever, as much as we wish it could sometimes.

Impermanence is my nod to our transcendence and the nature of our existence. More than ever as I grow into my role as a mother, every moment matters more, loving, learning, observing, being present, savouring every moment with my children, my husband, my family my art and not taking any of it for granted. 

Being able to balance Motherhood and my creativity and create ART for an audience who loves, appreciates, enjoys it and really gets involved in it - now thats something to savour - thank YOU for for gifting me that!

So why a ZEBRA...they don't have a plight do they?

The zebra and its distinctive patterning have spent the past four million years evolving and yet during the last century one sub-species has become extinct and others teeter precariously on the brink. Iris Apfel is an even rarer creature. The 93-year old New Yorker's way with accessories is much admired, occasionally copied, but never outdone!

Bet you'll love this video too
 I hope this fabulous lady inspires you as much as she has inspired me! 

Click here to view the 'Impermanenceseries. And stay tuned, there's a few exciting things brewing and destined for this series!

A xo

Behind the Scenes creating  Party Animal

Behind the Scenes creating Party Animal

Framed ' Career Girl ' -  Small,  14.5 x 20.5 inch OR 37 x 52 cm

Framed 'Career Girl' - Small, 14.5 x 20.5 inch OR 37 x 52 cm