The Artist Project 2015

Its been a much anticipated event and the time is finally come! This is a unique opportunity for me to meet you, talk about my current art work AND new arty ventures I have in the planned!

This year The Artist Project has invited artists to submit an original work of art based on the interpretation of the theme “TYPE”. This theme will explore text-based art and the relationship between art and the use of text/language. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners are selected by a panel of judges. Visitors can also vote in the People’s Choice Award!

I have created and entered 'Love Me Back' - My exploration of the Selfie phenomenon. The photo based installation is set into a light box and limited to an edition of 10.

25 editions of fine art paper prints are also available. Click here.

Love Me Back - By Anna Church
 'Love Me Back presents
 backdrop irresistible
 to today’s social media junkie in
 hope that
 be the one,
 the elixir
 the very least,

Anna Dalton ChurchComment