An appearance on Jamie Oliver's Instagram!

My 2 yr old son, Thomas and I were a tad star struck by Jamie Oliver giving us a wave and a big hello as we watched him filming a commercial at the flatiron building across the road from our apartment window! What a treat!! And as it turns out, as we were taking pictures on instagram of him, he was doing the same!

We are big fans of Jamie at our house and love the work he is doing to promote healthy eating for everyone! Its such a gift for us all, so I thought why not gift him something back. So in the spur of the moment I ran across the road and gifted him a one of my 'Sunday Roast' limited edition prints, as that guy is well deserved of a medal in our eyes! 

Anna :) x

Jamie Oliver response.jpg
And this was our view we posted on Instagram

And this was our view we posted on Instagram

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