I love when my work resonates. Below are a couple of examples from the people I create for...

"Our idea took shape with the zebra sculptographic artwork entitled The Botanist, courtesy of artist Anna Church. The Botanist set our creativity on fire and thus, our 2016 Spring campaign was born." 
Elizabeth Boyle, Affordable Art Fair NYC, Marketing and Communications.

I love how your work always surprises me - you see the initial image, then take another look and see something completely different. 
Emma Wright
That moment when you see a piece of artwork that changes your life forever. Thank you Anna Church Artist!
Sarah Dobson

I love your work! Thank you for inspiring me and many others, you're wonderful. 

Hi Anna,
I was going to pop a little note in the parcel, but it was going to say a huge thank you to you.
The Sunday Roast print that you kindly sent Jamie was beautiful, a real masterpiece and I know that Jamie was very touched by your kind gift. It has been given to Jamie and he really is very impressed with it, thank you!
As an historian and Monarchist (!) myself, reading the information that you sent across with your Sunday Roast print was really interesting! I have always been interested in Pomp and Pageantry so to see these wonderful pieces of art show-casing “Service” and “Queen and Country” really was a gift. Jamie, and everyone here would like to say a big thank you to you, and congratulate you on such inspired artwork!
I will send off the parcel today and hope that it arrives with you soon.

Please feel free to keep us updated on your movements and what you are up to, and thank you once again for the kind gift.

Kind regards, and all the best; 
M. (AKA Jamie Oliver's PR guy)

Hello Anna!
I saw your beautiful work in the incomparable Uppercase, and when I saw this particular Insignia I had to write you.  I have 2 girls, one who is 13 and taller than me and a little one who is 6 and still wants cuddles.  Of course, both girls have danced (and still dance, but not in lessons) and we love, love, love horses and riding.  My oldest and I have been sharing a horse for the past 2 years as we have been involved in competitive show jumping.  We just sold that horse, I bought one just for me last week, and we are looking for a horse for my oldest.  My youngest just started riding this summer and absolutely loves it, and in particular she loves riding a little grey pony called Merry Legs.  All three of us started riding on Merry, so your white horse and show ribbons really resonate with us.  At horse shows, my oldest makes dandelion chains and wears them in her hair--although we were at a show last summer in BC where there were daisies instead of dandelions!  She has become very proficient at it, and makes flower head-dresses by request for other riders from our barn.  All this to say that your Sugar and Spice Insignia fits us beautifully.
Best, H