SMALL - 14.5" x 19.5" (edition of 25)

MEDIUM - 21.5" x 29.5" (edition of 20)

LARGE - 28.5" x 36.5" (edition of 12)

MURAL - 36" x 48" (edition of 10)


  • Sculpting from the remnants of decorative 19th C. mirror frames, mouldings, wall sconces and Victorian cast Iron obscurities, Church takes the notion of an almost uncomfortable and untouchable beetle and turns it into a thing of extraordinary tactile, architectural beauty.
  • The Stag Beetle is one of the most spectacular of their genus, so named because the male’s oversized jaws resemble the antlers of a deer. As well as being one of the largest beetles, it is sadly one of the rarest. Used for both decorative appeal (think Art Nouveau jewellery of the 1900’s), amulets and in shamanic symbolism for its auspicious qualities, this trophy of sorts may not be around for much longer.
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