Photo.Synthesis I

Photo.Synthesis I



MEDIUM - 16” x 16” (edition of 75)

LARGE - 24” x 24” (edition of 50)

MURAL - 34” x 34” (edition of 25)


  • Photo. Synthesis. explores our affinity and connection with nature through a deliberate focus on what may be initially perceived to be common houseplants. The multi-layered compositions are created through photography and hand rendered collage; each leaf has been individually photographed, cut out, layered and re-shot. The effect almost looks digitally rendered but it is handcrafted.

  • Transposing accustomed plant shapes into new configurations using a different light source for each individual plant or leaf, an effect that manipulates shadow and scale to create an optical illusion with deliberately confusing depths of field. Removed from their traditional context, viewers are invited to reexamine their sculptural beauty as I highlight their individual forms, colours and textures.

  • With their moody lighting and the highlighting of the plants’ fine details that recall illustrative brushstroke or pencil drawings, the Photo.Synthesis series hearkens back to Flemish still life arrangements while simultaneously reinterpreting our connection with nature in modern life. My thesis regards nature’s sculptural diversity offers a new commentary about the modern art-lover or urban dweller’s interaction with plant life. By deconstructing and elevating the plant forms, with abstracted shapes and dramatic lighting, I invite you to engage with each leaf’s unique artistry, inciting them to emerge from the background of their dwellings and dramatically become the focal point, thus observing the ongoing relationship we have to plants in interior design, in art, in our homes.

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