Paper Cuts 3 - Forenoon

Paper Cuts 3 - Forenoon



FORENOON; 10.47am - Overcast

SMALL - 19.7” x 19.7” (edition of 25)

  • PAPER CUTS 2018 - Captures of immobile surrealism.

  • Church’s dioramic tableaus transport the viewer through a deliberate graphic portal. Playing with ideas of location and dimension based on the non-analagous combination of images and textures.
    Church has hand rendered (through collage) frozen temporal moments, in a process that is Church’s most painterly to date.

  • Experimenting with the unexpected nuances of the natural light streaming through her studio window, Church patiently harnessed the light she needed by photographing each arrangement at a particular place and at a specific time of day.

  • Developing and utilizing collage, photography and her strength for sculpting arrangements, she’s created a waterfall effect that leaves the viewer to determine the exact nature of what they are examining.

  • SMALL - Edition of 25

  • Canvas Size (Imperial) - 19.7 x 19.7 inch (Round image size 15.5 inch diameter)
    Canvas Size (Metric) - 50cm x 50cm (Round image size 40cm in diameter)

  • $400 ($USD)

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