33" x 23.5" (edition of 75)


  • This piece screams hard graft. An old shearers kit: woolen Jackie Howe singlet, greasys (shearing chaps), an antique handpiece and it’s fellow - a handpiece screwdriver tool - languishing south of Foveau Straight, the overriding image is more than just metal and material: it’s blood, sweat and tears.
  • The age of the implements gives the piece a timeless feel, representative of the hard work of the founding farmers of this New Zealand, as well as a nostalgia for when farming was all manual labour and subsistence living and not the technological science and mechanised function it is today.
  • “Farming is the backbone of this country. Isn’t that what they say?”
  • “Tally recalls an age when the word ‘gang’ didn’t have the connotation it has today. Back then the best-known gangs were shearers.”
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