- curriculum vitae -


Anna combines sculpture & Photography to create her signature artistic expression - Sculptography. 


2014       Ryerson University, Photography Studies, Digital Imaging, Studio lighting
2001       New Zealand National College of Design and Technology (Photography, Digital Film, Graphic Design, and Multimedia) 


2016, Fall, Affordable Art Fair, NYC
2016, The Art Market, San Francisco
2016, Spring Affordable Art Fair New York
2015, Fall, Affordable Art Fair New York
2015, The Artist Project, Toronto
2015, Contact Photo, Toronto
2014, Solo Exhibition, 'Art of Aesthetic Arrangement', Dimensions Gallery  Toronto, Canada
2012, Group Exhibition, "Hope & Glory"  ( Anna Church, Lester Hall, Earl Tutty)  Little River Gallery
2011, 'Handle With Care' (Anna Church, Penny Stotter) The Poi Room  Auckland, New Zealand
2008, 'For NZ Sake'  ( Anna Church, Nikki Apse) Momentum Gallery  Auckland, New Zealand


Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica
Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto
Saatchi Art Online
The Poi Room, Auckland
Little River Gallery, Christchurch
Gallery De Novo, Dunedin
Wonder Room, Wanaka

Notable Recognition

*       Design Sponge - Life & Business feature 2016
*       Saatchi Online - 'In the studio of' feature 2016
*       Affordable Art Fair New York - Spring campaign 2016
*       Toronto's Queen St West BIA Featured Exhibition Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival 2015
*       SNAP TORONTO Live auction for ACT foundation charity fundraiser March 2015
*       Featured artist – The Artist project 2015
*       Bison portrait series "Out of Time" featured on Toronto's Cityline TV
*       Winner of the Best Still Life Award, with "Gentlewoman" by SNAP, Toronto, 2014


“Like a modern-day Yoko Ono, Church makes conceptual art spectacular. When an idea has germinated and formed in her mind, she is like a grand master playing chess, each piece on her canvas is placed strategically and with purpose until she achieves her end game. Similar to Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ Church’s work is allegorical and like a detective looking for clues she combs the globe in search of the pieces needed to tell her story.”  - * Frank McKinney.

Church's work is a brilliant and unique composition of objects that are meticulously arranged, giving birth to a sculptural form.  Bittersweet nostalgia, humour, social commentary.....it is all eloquently captured through the lens of the camera, producing an image that teases and tricks the eye.  Nothing is as it first appears. 
Church starts her creative process with a concept and through the collection and arrangement of objects and collation of ideas, re-identifying the unconventional by transforming them into another form that resonates with her audience. 

Church often uses satire to gently push the conversational boundaries taking care not to offend.  Her ultimate goal is to honour aesthetic beauty, to captivate and encourage conversation by creating art that is accessible and relatable but with just the right touch of provocation.

Church started her career as a Graphic Designer and freelance Photographic interior Stylist, both which enabled her to explore and invent her unique style. Since then, Church has built an acclaimed reputation as an independent artist, coming to Canada from New Zealand in August 2012 and immediately establishing herself in the Toronto art scene. Church continues to attract recognition from private collectors and invitations to participate in events and is often commissioned to work her artistry magic for commercial and editorial campaigns.

The Art

Taxonomy - Series VI (2016)
Sculpting from the remnants of decorative 19th C. mirror frames, mouldings, wall sconces and Victorian cast Iron obscurities, Church takes the notion of an almost uncomfortable and untouchable beetle and turns it into a thing of extraordinary tactile, architectural beauty.

Impermanence - Series V (2015)
Exploring the transient, evolutionary nature of existence. This glorious animal with its distinctive patterning has spent the past four million years evolving and yet during the last century one sub-species has become extinct and others teeter precariously on the brink.

Out of Time. - Series IV (2014)
Satirizing the rise and inevitable demise of trends by featuring a taxidermic wild Bison sporting his facial hair crafted into five ‘So-hot-right-now’ styles.

Insignia.  Series III. (2013)
Church arranges perfect pieces in such as way to create forms that take on the look of emblems, symbols, flags and costs of arms unabashedly romanticizing certain states of being.

At Your Service. Series II (2012)
The bringing together of a collection of service-ware,  arranged to resemble medals of service.

For NZ Sake. Series I (2009)
Church explores the New Zealand culture and history through "sculptural assemblage", featuring iconic objects from iconic images all that emerge and create unique artworks.