SMALL - Edition of 50
Canvas size ”17 x 17” | Image size 13.5”in diameter 
$400 (USD)

LARGE - Editions of 10 + 2 Artist Proofs
Canvas size 42” x 42” | Image size 32” in diameter 
Price upon request

Framing options + Shipping info, available upon request.

  • ‘Botanica’ is a capture of immobile surrealism. The dioramic tableau transports the viewer to an oceanic scene. Playing with ideas of location and dimension based on the non-analagous combination of images and textures.

    Anna has hand rendered (through collage) frozen temporal moments, in a process that is her most painterly to date. Developing and utilizing photography and her strength for arrangement she creates a waterfall effect that leaves the viewer to determine the exact nature of what they are examining.

    Removed from their traditional context, viewers are invited to reexamine each leaf’s detail and sculptural beauty as Anna highlights their individual forms, colours and textures. By blurring the boundaries between nostalgia and surrealism, the new visual reality juxtaposes the nature of authenticity and time.

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