MEDIUM (edition of 75)
19.5" x 14"

SMALL (edition of 100)
13.5" x 10"


  • The 'At your service' series is a homage to the unsung hero's of service. 
  • Collections of objects have been arranged to resemble something other. Each large-scale photograph appears to be of a service medal, however on closer inspection, it reveals itself as being composed of a number of items of serviceware. Silver spoons, linen napkins, platters and the aforementioned gravy boat all make an appearance as the more masculine bigger picture unveils itself to be far more feminine in its intricate detail. 
  • Unapologetically nostalgic, 'At Your Service' draws upon rapidly fading notions of service. It pays homage to a day when, whether one had 'help' or not, the utmost care was taken to present and serve meals impeccably. As importantly, the series also references service to Queen and country and an era when men and women were called, in their thousands, to practice feats of the greatest bravery in order to preserve their way of life ... and were decorated in gratitude for doing so.
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